Daily Dairy ~ Six Weeks Training-June 2013

A new Tcc

Today in the morning, when I went Tcc, what I saw first, People! sorry, students! students inside the hall, outside the hall, in the office. First I thought there must be a seminar because usually only GD members are allowed to sit, but then I came to know that today is the first day of our Six Weeks Training, which I forgot :P,as I was busy in my GD task, want to give presentation as soon as possible and become a GD member, but I am still struggling :(, but even bigger thing is I am DOING, and that’s always important.
Then I met our new members as now our GD family becomes joint family (as inder baiya said today :D). Two of them were my classmates,and rest some from morning sections and some from other colleges too. Sir gave all of them a task to install Apache server on their computers. Some of them didn’t even have Ubuntu in their lappies , so they were installing that first. I was also there as trainee, but my GD task was more important because Inder baiya said that I will have access to GD mailing list through this task only, not through training.
O sorry, I forgot to introduce my task, I have made a website in Wt and then Sir gave me to add databases, for which I am making an examination form by Wt::Dbo which is an ORM (will explain in the presentation soon) :).


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