Daily Dairy ~ Six Weeks Training-June 2013

My Favourite day

Last night, I worked really hard on my task as already had crossed the deadline for the completion of my task, and still it wasn’t working as it should be :(. Completely exhausted, didn’t even want to see the code again, uff!! Then went to inder baiya and said “please check my code, I am just unable to find the problem, the the data has been entered successfully but there is problem in retrieving the data” ,seeing me in so bad mood, he said “Shaina, you can do it, I know you can,and You will do this without my help” .He used to say these lines to motivate me but never helped straight way and this thing just changed me a lot,I never had nor I have now enough suitable words to thank him, He never give me answer to my questions to get rid of me, instead always said to search it out first,and for me it was first like torture because I knew nothing and to find single thing, I had to struggle a lot,but now I know its value, it’s like the pressure and heat that a ugly stone need to bear before becoming a diamond. But still after i insisted, He had a look on my code and said “ewww ,it’s too dirty, clean you code first and that was the secret. I changed the object names of the classes from b to button, c to container and t to text and meanwhile I found the solution to my problem and till night I completed my task. It was my favourite day, because like magically it changed from FAILURE TO SUCCESS. 🙂

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