Daily Dairy ~ Six Weeks Training-June 2013

Presentation and Proud

Today was the day of my presentation. Last night I completed the presentation thing but didn’t prepare much to speak. So I got up early, prayed a little and started revising the concepts, brushing and revising in mind, bathing and revising, having breakfast and same 😛 but wasn’t able to speak on each and everything in every slide, and then sat for a while made a small paper note about some confusing concepts and spoke. Then I reached TCC a little late. But Sir wasn’t there. I called Inder baiya, invited him for my presentation. He came, checked my presentation and impressed with the video that I added to cite an example about the change in web. Then there was wait for Sir only. Whole day we were waiting and waiting and finally he came at 5 :). Thank God, I didn’t want to delay my presentation anymore. At last, I stood there in front of everyone and was feeling like my dream came true. Literally it was my first presentation in my life. My schooling wasn’t that good, I never delivered presentation before that but learned a lot from LUG seminars :), So the thing I was scared about the most was my confidence to speak. I knew Sir or Inder baiya would say me to speak loud and clear, So tried my best. After presentation everyone just clapped including sir and my feeling was beyond explanation. I wanted to cry but controlled my emotions 😛 .Then there was question session. First old GD members asked questions and I tried my best to answer them but realized that I need to have more and more knowledge about just everything and there is a lot more work to do.Sir asked me about my experience, I wasn’t that good in expressing myself, there was a lot to tell but I was short of words. Then sir insisted everyone to ask questions and the most popular topic was Graceful Degradation :P. I tried to explain upto my best, Inder baiya too added something to make the concept clear to everyone.After this session became over, Inder baiya said “I am proud of you,Shine.” and I thought in my mind,This is what I wanted the most, but didn’t say anything.

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