Daily Dairy ~ Six Weeks Training-June 2013

Secrets of Success

Today was the day which I guess God specially planned to motivate us so that we can keep on working. Today when I reached TCC Avneet di, Gagan and Harman baiya shared their experiences about GSoC. Best thing that told by harman baiya was IMPORTANCE OF INTERACTION. They also told us that we should start preparing from now only if we want to participate.
About 12 o’clock, A special person arrived TCC for us. Mr. Ashish Malik, professor in production department of our college. He was once a student of our college too. First of all when he showed his CV, I was like, is he a man or some angel, so many achievements and awards,rarely seen in life before. Then he shared us about the secret of Success and happiness. Best thing that I personally like the cause of failure. He told that 85% people don’t success in life because of depression and this depression can be due to bad health, relations, sale purchase and another failure ie one failure can cause another too if we become depressed. So with our work, we should take care of these things too and keep patience. God has saved the best apple of the farm for us, what we need is to keep patience and have full faith in Him 🙂
After this interesting seminar, I had lunch and then started working on my blog example.


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