Daily Dairy ~ Six Weeks Training-June 2013

A rainy day

Writing today’s post, Some childhood memories come to my mind about essay of rainy day when I chose this caption 😛 .So today was rainy day. When me and Sandy di got up in the morning, It was raining and was like relief from long hot days. We had breakfast together and because It was raining very heavily, we decided to stay in room only as we had no umbrella. So almost whole day we were in room only working and somewhat getting bored.
Today when I saw no output from blog example as its object files were not able to run, I was not getting anything. Inderpreet too wasn’t there as he went on trip. So I wanted to do something else, something more interesting. I read an example PAINTING,I thought woww painting in C++, sounds interesting. I first executed the example and the output was too very beautiful.
When I saw the code, It was too very big, but I started understanding slowly one by one. Read each and every class used in the code from documentary. Then I read GD mails and came to know that not all but many students came to Tcc in this rain and specially Khanna party. Hats off to you and your dedication girls 🙂


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