Daily Dairy ~ Six Weeks Training-June 2013

Highly patient day

Today I went to Tcc as usual, with a hope to complete the maximum work of painting in Wt.So I started understanding code, classes,their CSS and all. I made a rectangle, circle, eclipse and color them using setBrush() function and was about to complete but I had to face few problems in this.
1. When I tried to add slider to resize the image, but Wt::WSlider class was not working as it should be. I read the whole code again, tried to find some other way, but everywhere same class has been used 😦
2. bind() function. When I added bind() function in my code to bind an integer value to relative size function of image, It gave error ‘bind’ is not a member of ‘std’ . Then I google it and came to know that it is a function of boost library but wasn’t able to understand how to add boost library in Wt now as in code simple std::bind function was used. Then suddenly an idea came to my mind to install recent version of Wt through PPA packages. So I installed that, faced a problem while installation, posted in GD and got solution by sir. Thanks to sir for this :). But all in vain 😦 , the problem was still there. I was a little disappointed as already switched from blog example to painting and this too isn’t that successful. But I wont quit, remember Shaina, Apple theory. Keep on working, He is there watching you every moment.


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