Daily Dairy ~ Six Weeks Training-June 2013

Stomach Ache

Today, when I reached Tcc, Inderpreet and Vigasdeep too came to Tcc. They came back last night from trip. I was very happy to see them. I asked Inderpreet about the trip and he replied Amazing :). I too want to go to trip like this. Then we talked about my work. I told him what I did in his absence. So he assigned me a project that I have to make as my training project, A blog where you add posts and show to everyone like this wordpress blog. It will be a good project. So I started with simple database which stores user name, title of post and its content and also show that on browser screen. But suddenly while working, my stomach started paining. I was trying to resist the pain and work but was unable to do for long.I missed my lunch too. Then I decided to go back to hostel as I was unable to sit there. I came back hostel alone while it was raining. I couldn’t have medicine as I missed lunch. I remember that Ashish Sir’s method to resist pain by not thinking about it. I tried by listening to songs, using facebook and then I got asleep.
After getting up, I had dinner and got some relief from pain too. Then I did some work of my project, watched a movie and slept again 😛


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