Daily Dairy ~ Six Weeks Training-June 2013

Complaints and faults

Today I reached Tcc and showed what I did yesterday to inder baiya and he said I should have made two programs instead of one, one for entering the data in database and other for retrieving it.First I thought it is easy just to remove retrieving function from a program and add it into another. Then at noon I went PG block to see my examination sheets and it was all fine. After coming back, I worked for whole day silently. Mean while someone complaint that I don’t ask my problems in GD mailing list and interact very little.Thanks for bringing that under my notice but as reply I want to say, it’s not like that I don’t want to interact. But working in Wt just need time and and a lot of patience and I know my shortcomings and trying to improve too. So I prefer to work silently. Till now, I am just struggling, didn’t get any successful output to share. As soon as I complete my project I will definitely share with everyone. Also I am now making Wt tutorial as a page on my blog, so who so ever is interested can visit and feel free to ask problem. I will try my best to solve.
After coming back from Tcc, I had a little nap, dined and started working on project. Then I faced segmentation fault (core dumped) error for very long. I was unable to understand the reason of this error, when I did nothing just removed one function carefully from a program and used that to make another program for retrieving data. I became tired, shut down the lappi and switched off the lights, but was not able to sleep, kept on thinking about the error.Then I got up again, forgot about the previous code and started writing from scratch and now there was no error no fault. I became satisfied then and slept in peace 🙂


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