Daily Dairy ~ Six Weeks Training-June 2013

General Learning day

Today the day started in TCC with PCB designing. Strange! 😀 I mean Sanpreet Singh brought all of us to Electronic Devices and Circuits lab in the college and we saw a PCB Prototype machine that automatically design, drill and engrave PCBs. It was new to us, and I really enjoyed knowing about its working 🙂
Then we came back to Tcc, I saw Vigasdeep and Inderpreet trip photographs in Vigasdeep’s lappi. It was nice, They really had great fun there. Then we had lunch from Miss Mandy’s tiffin, really felt like being in family :).
After that, I came back to my project. Today I read about authentication classes to add login id password featured to my blog.
Mean while I came to know that Miss Sandy was going back to home today, but I wanted to learn gimp from her. So i went to her, sat with her and learned some features of gimp as it can be beneficial in web designing.


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