Daily Dairy ~ Six Weeks Training-June 2013

Ordinary became ExtraOrdinary

Today my day would be an ordinary day. As usual I went Tcc, there I worked, met my GD family, attended two presentations and all. But this day became extra ordinary when almost at 11:30 Sir appreciated my writings on blog and asked me “Are you done with your sleep?”
Sir is just full of qualities, we all know about this. But today, I came to know how much concerned he is for his students. That time, I just felt awesome.:) This is the another reason why we call ourselves lucky to be here.
Talking about my work, After reading so much about Authentication classes from documentary and examples code, I went to my mentor and asked him what exactly he wants as output and he cleared it as I was taking it something else and now I will continue it.
Next about today’s presentation. There were two presentation, one on CGI and other Gaurav’s GD experiences. Both were nice. The girl,Navneet was confident, made the best use of resources to convey her views like white board and her slides were awesome. I would like to use this impress.js in my presentations too.
Gaurav, as we all know, is a great guy. As Sir said today, “Great things come in small packages”.


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