Daily Dairy ~ Six Weeks Training-June 2013

A fight between body and mind

Today when I reached TCC, my mind was full of errors and problems. Even last night I wasn’t able to sleep because of this. As usual chose a silent place in TCC and started making authentication programs. I was coding and coding, but how, I don’t know. Was feeling sleepy, restless, painful. Body was saying go and sleep but mind wasn’t allowing to do so, totally trapped. Till lunch time, I was coding with lots of errors but wasn’t able to remove them.
Then only my heart left to make both body and mind understand the way to work, like it said that this work is my life. Making programs to get a beautiful output is like making a painting or some piece of art like I used to make after getting tips art attack, magazines, internet etc and these errors are like puzzles I liked to solve for fun. See nothing has changed. Why am I so restless then? Keep patience. Sooner or later I will find the solution of every problem I am looking for. So need to be relaxed first, should manage the time and work accordingly. Spending nights won’t work if I am not able to make everything under my command.
After this conversation, I went hostel for lunch, took some rest and came back to TCC as there was a presentation delivered by Rajandeep. It was a very good presentation. Topic was of great interest of all programmers as we came to know the different steps of compilation.


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