Daily Dairy ~ Six Weeks Training-June 2013

Saturday ~Information day

Today, the day started with a presentation or discussion on installing Open Street Map server on a laptop. It was really informative. The speaker explained the whole procedure of installation. Also came to know some new commands of terminal that can be very helpful to all of us. With this, Sir told us a new and interesting thing that to open ubuntu in console mode and learn new commands by pressing randomly any characters and press double tab. We can call it as the “Command of the day“. 🙂
After this, there was a presentation delivered by Gurjot Singh and Nivritpal Singh on GNDEC SPORTS WEBSITE. They explained some features of wordpress and also compared different CMSs to make easy, simple and secure websites. It was a great interactive session. Everybody participated in this and told them about the modifications required to improve the website. No doubt they did a great job and within this session also got important point to do more.
Then I had a very important discussion with my mentor, Inderpreet Singh. He explained me how to manage a list of errors or problems I was facing as I was very confused about it. We used white board to make a small flowchart and a list of problems. It was really really important for me. This way I came to know first my problems clearly that relaxed me a lot.
Then he, my great mentor 😛 told everyone about pomodoros, a technique to increase productivity of work and make the best use of time. Also he told about speed reading concept and a website www.spreeder.com where we can practice that.


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