Daily Dairy ~ Six Weeks Training-June 2013

A lot more to learn….

After solving a bundles of errors, today, I finally completed the task of linking different files of code. Now my program runs successfully but just basic things can be done. It has a registration session, login session, Also you can add posts to it to display on a common webpage. I felt wonderful when it started working.
After this, I wanted to take a break and do something else, to know about other things which I sometimes ignore while concentrating on my project only. I read GD mails and asked about Souvenir. Inderpreet then replied to find it out, Even I tried to find on google before asking through mail, but there was nothing technical, something related to a french word meaning memories. Then I read old GD mails, Deepak Kumar‘s blog and also from the link that Sir provided. While reading Deepak Kumar‘s blog, I noticed that I should learn about bash scripting as Sir too used to tell us to make scripts to automate your tasks but I just know nothing about it 😦 Bad very Bad!! Then I read about making scripts in linux too from the link provided in his blog and got some idea. Also I bookmarked the site for visiting again as it was a good tutorial and I will learn about this in coming weekend.
Then next mail I read was about webpage that Sir asked to make. While reading this mail I was feeling very bad 😦 😦 because I was not the one of them who raised their hands to make this as I don’t know html and very little CSS only what I used to make my website in Wt.
Then while reading other mails about CAD ,kannel, latex, web designing, I just came to know actually I know Nothing, JUST NOTHING 😦 Should I be sad? Yes because being a student of BTech in computer science, I just know nothing about it and No because that’s why I am student here to learn more and more and gradually I will learn all these things because now I am in right direction.


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