Daily Dairy ~ Six Weeks Training-June 2013

Working with bad neck

Today when I got up, I was unable to move my neck comfortably. For today I planned two things, first was to understand what problems I have in my project and make their list to solve them one by one and second was to prepare for the presentation. So I went TCC a little rain due to rain, but today the hall was not free, so we sat outside and worked. I started with my first task, read different classes, literally it was very difficult, I wasn’t getting exactly where to start, what to do, just read the functions of different classes and tried to understand them but their syntax was horrible.
So in list, First I noticed I wasn’t able to understand the syntax properly, I have to work a lot more on this and second was not able to find the user interface in example code. May be they had used a template, didn’t get about it today.
Then I started preparing about presentation. First I need to clear about databases, their classification, advantages of various types, their comparison, then I’ll be able to make my audience clear about ORM. O the big portion PDO still left 😦 uff!! My neck, I m not even able to move a little now, it painful, then unfortunately, I had to lie down to give some rest to my neck but my mind was completely restless because a lot of work was there to do 😦 After dinner I again started preparing, I don’t want my work to suffer because of any lame excuses. Need to be strong.


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