Daily Dairy ~ Six Weeks Training-June 2013

About my complete day

Today I went Tcc with full hope that there must be some output of authentication, its being too late, training is about to end and there is no positive output till now. I did know the functionality of every widget, just had little confusion about syntax. Then me and gaurav sat together, he just started working on auth. We together understood the syntax, tried to make the program from scratch with the help of example given in auth folder of Wt. After solving bundles of puzzles (errors), we finally became successful to show some output on the browser 🙂 Aah! Thank God.
Then we had a presentation on DJango presented by Jasvir and kamalpreet. It was nice, got to know many things about this framework.
After this, we were trying to understand the functionality of left out example, when Inderpreet Singh started a workshop on “how to increase your typing speed”. We all participated in that and since then I started tying with my all 10 fingers. Also this post, I am writing in the same manner. At this stage my speed with all fingers is not so good but seems like improving slowly.
After that Sir asked about our project and even complaint that why don’t we write our dairy daily. I had no reason, sad :(. I am sorry, this thing won’t happen again, I’ll take care, and write dairy daily from now onwards.


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