Daily Dairy ~ Six Weeks Training-June 2013

Work with fun :)

Today when I reached TCC, there was the problem of internet connection, no internet, less production of work 😦 we all very trying by resetting the router, but till noon the problem remain as it is, today I realized how much dependent we are on internet, no internet was like no water when we are thirsty.
The best thing of today was, I completed the authentication in Wt, finally, aah! Thank God. Now the CSS part left, then will have a fully working project in my hand, ready to upload on experimental. But as Sir said, we should love our programs and never give up working on them, I will continue adding more and more features in my cms.
Today were two presentation, one were on debian packages and other on backup, totally new and very informative both of them.
After that Sir came, and Gagan told us about BRL-CAD and we also had very interactive discussion on law of reflection of light. It was a little fun too discussing all these :), really enjoyed.

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