Daily Dairy ~ Six Weeks Training-June 2013

Speechless *shaina = new Speechless(Inder’s presentation);

Finally the day came, for which we, specially I was waiting very eagerly, 4 june, time 8 am, I was in tcc even missed breakfast. πŸ˜› Today we had an amazing, wonderful, excellent, marvelous (and more good adjectives) presentation on C++ presented by Inderpreet Singh. 3 hours went like 3 minutes, as above code line shows, Shaina is speechless at Inder’s presentation, seriously.
After that Talwinder Saini presented an activity on error detection and also shared his SSB interview and army things. Well presented with full confidence :). While he was asking some maths tricky question, I too wanted to ask one, but don’t know why, just hesitated 😦 So the question that I wanted to ask, what is the logic behind Xe0(X raise to power 0) = 1? So, the logic is Xe0 = Xe(y-y) ie X raise to power y-y = Xey/Xey = 1.
After that, I continued with my project, adding CSS. Very bad designing skills, I have, need to put more input to brain by viewing different websites and trying different combinations.
Today, the same segmentation fault came in gaurav‘s program, we sat together, tried to solve but didn’t get the reason yet. Well he is enough capable to tackle this, no doubt in that. πŸ™‚

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