Daily Dairy ~ Six Weeks Training-June 2013

Entrance into design

Today, when I reached tcc, the hall was occupied by TNP people. So, we sat outside the hall and worked. Today I started having basic knowledge of html and spent around 2 hours for learning divisions, classes, different elements, adding menus and how to add style sheet in html code, internally as well as externally.
Then gaurav came and asked me to make a repository and push my code in git hub but due to electricity problem and so caused internet problem just frustrated me. Every time I tried to push, entered my username password, the light went off :(. It wasted our time a lot.
Then, we had our lunch and tried pushing code again, and finally added successfully. Then, gaurav cloned my code, compiled and ran it on his laptop but there was a run time error ‘Database locked’ but it was running with no such error in my computer. How was that possible? If the code was same, then what exactly happened? To find the answer of these questions, I tried some methods, and one of them was that I deleted my database that the program should generate itself if doesn’t exist. After deleting that, it gave same error in my computer too :P. So, today’s lesson was by sharing our code we get to know about our mistakes and also get chance to improve it. 🙂 Then I used a trick to this problem, but that was not exactly the right solution, but it worked anyway. I am still making efforts to find the right solution.
It was around 3:30 pm when we, witty team started working on designing, i.e. making a design for our CMS. First we made wire frame on a copy and tried to render it using gimp. It was a very good experience, finally I entered into designing. After trying a lot of things, a lot colors, backgrounds, we came out with one good design, also showed that to Sir and he suggested few things we should do to make that better one. But Alas! the background picture was proprietary so, we had to drop our design 😦


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