Daily Dairy ~ Six Weeks Training-June 2013

Back to work :)

Last saturday, after one and a half month, I went my home, met mom, dad and brother after so long, felt wonderful being with them :). Today, in the morning, I came back to ludhiana by train. I reached college at 10 am, and tcc at 10:30 am. Then I met my witty team and other members of GD family and started working on project. Today’s main task was adding categories to our cms. Worked continuously three hours on this, but there was a lot of confusions.
At 3 pm, jaskaran delivered a presentation on make. It was very informative and interesting for me. I asked him many questions. Inderpreet Singh recorded his presentation.
After that, we discussed a little about our problem with our mentor but the problem is somewhat still there 😛 I hope, we will find best solution soon as we tried a lot, but could not able to find the method as efficient as our requirement. 😦


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