Daily Dairy ~ Six Weeks Training-June 2013

A chain of searching and learning

Today when I reached Tcc, first I started reading mails, meanwhile, Rajan came and complaint that his Ubuntu is not even booting up, just a black screen, nothing else. He was very tensed. Then I searched about the problem on google and google uncle helped. After trying two or three things, finally I repaired his ubuntu and it started running well. Helping him this way make me feel really amazing. While searching for the solution, the problem they actually mentioned for ubuntu not booting up properly was “if you happened to have edited/modified/deleted something related to X.org”. I didn’t understand what is X.org. Then I searched for it and found X Window System, read it and found freedesktop.org and X desktops read about them too and found GNOME and KDE. These words were somewhat familiar to me but I didn’t know much about it. Then I cleared this concept and found unity and shell interface, read about this too. It took 2.5 hours. This chain of searching and reading added something very useful to my knowledge. 🙂
Gaurav didn’t come today, he had some urgent work at home. So I started reading editing text in authwidget. Authwidget is a login form view like a template. All text and style is predefined in it. We need not to write anything, just add this widget, form is on your screen, but this thing even caused a problem. We don’t like its text and style. Now we are finding ways to edit it. I found something in Blog example in given Wt example. This is very long and dangerous one. They tried to edit the text and style using WTemplate. So I needed to study about it. I read its documentation and even examples, tried by making a small program of WTemplate but it didn’t work, giving some errors of declaration, I was working on it. Then at that moment, I got a message of shifting my room in hostel. So I went hostel at 4:30.

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