Daily Dairy ~ Six Weeks Training-June 2013

What are you doing for ?

Today, the day was not so productive. It was like, I was stuck somewhere and couldn’t see any path ahead. Got frustrated and angry. Nothing was working. What was it? Do I have place for such things in my life? As a human, may be yes, but if we think with cool mind which I didn’t have that time, problems are the part of work. You have problem means you are doing something. At this time, I found myself a looser, lazy, one who has lot of excuses not to work. My output is not as it should be. Who is the responsible for this? Ofcourse me. Even while living with highly skilled people, I didn’t get how to work? What a shame!! Today I won’t hesitate a little exposing myself, because this is enough, I can’t handle myself like this. There is no time when I am not doing something, or not want to do. If after this, you don’t get what you want, that means you are not doing right. God is not happy with you. Some should be changed, should be improved.
With all this in mind, when I came back to my room, One line was going on with me every time that something is not right, not something, a big thing, a thing, going around me, but I didn’t notice yet. I wanted something to answer me. I started watching some inspiring videos as it always help in this thing. While watching many, in one, I found something of my interest. It was not Try Try again, never quit, work hard or focus, it was, WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR? Yes, let me explain more. If I say I am making a program that will help students to solve their maths problems easily, I would say I am working, If I say, I am editing a photo to use that in my website to make it beautiful, I am working. If I say, I am clearing my concept so that I can teach it to others, I am working. But if I say I am doing this to be successful in life, then I should be sorry, I am not working. Because I am doing something for nothing. What is success? How is it look like? What’s its color? Where does it live? First I should find something to which I call success for me, only then I should work for it.


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