Daily Dairy ~ Six Weeks Training-June 2013

Refreshing and Motivating

Today, the day started at MBD mall as planned last night by Inderpreet Singh. We watched movie, Bhag Milkha Bhag, based on life story of legend Flying Milkha Singh. The movie was really very inspiring. Fahran AKhtar did a great job. I learnt how hard work and dedication is important to achieve your goal from the movie. It is well said, nothing is impossible if you are determined. One more thing that I learnt is that the distraction is normal, you should not be too late to realize that your goal has the highest priority.
Also I met with Inder‘s mother. I was really impressed with her so pure thoughts. She is teacher by profession and must be very good in that. Today I got how both brothers are this much hard working and helpful :).
After coming back from MBD to TCC, first I brought my laptop from hostel and started working further on project. From last two days we were fighting with an error of multiple definition, but nothing was working. Finally I asked our mentor, Inderpreet Singh about that and he gave a hint of #ifndef and #define and asked us to search on this.
While working, Sir called us in his office. He asked us about our project and assigned everyone a topic of C++ to work upon. I chose pointers. As pointers are really very important and difficult feature of C++. A large numbers of secrets are hidden behind this beautiful name ‘POINTERS’. I am working, studying deeply and will reveal all through a presentation


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