Daily Dairy ~ Six Weeks Training-June 2013

Try Try again…

Today when I reached TCC, there was no internet connection, luckily, I brought photon+, so we were able to continue our work. Then we, me and gaurav saw everyone going CC lab to work. So we too decided to go there and work further for project. Today we decided to learn about #ifndef and #define preprocessors to remove multiple declaration errors. Previously, when we read this in Wt examples, we ignored these preprocessors, as our program was running without any error, but them we got its importance. So as learned from some tutorials of c++, we added these preprocessors in every header .h file. The problem should be solved but it didn’t 😦 but I guess, this error will teach us a lot more things of programming before disappearing :).
Then after a short break of lunch, we continued but thought to solve this problem through some other way. We started reading code again, and tried to find something defined more than once. We found a class defined in two different files, but it was necessary, if we remove one of them, the error changes to undefined reference 😦 What to do now? Totally confused. I think we need to learn to write efficient c++ code. I can’t loose heart, will put another effort and keep on trying.


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