Daily Dairy ~ Six Weeks Training-June 2013

One problem over Second

Today, when I reached TCC, Gaurav told me that our mentor, Inder did relations in Wt::dbo and will explain to us soon. I became excited to get lecture from him after a long time 🙂 So when he reached TCC, he explained us ER Diagram. It was very helpful for adding posts and categories for different users. Little hope arisen. What to do now? Implement this into our project. Till now we have bundles of different programs made while experimenting different things. It became difficult to chose one to start implementing our latest experiment of ER Diagram. Uff!!
Finally started with one, firstly tried to understand where and how to add these relations of various tables in database through the program.
Next problem that came into the way was Auth Widget. Auth Widget itself a complete authentication Widget which has a registration and login form and perform various functions for authentication like confirm password, Remember me, Email Verification, Lost Password etc. But we need to edit its some functions, also edit its text for better designing and we were unable to find anything that return something to know what fields it use to add these functions. Even checked its header files from include directory of file system but didn’t get anything useful 😦
Then while searching, I realized that they made the form using some templates and next thing that came into my mind was to read WTemplate and learn how to use it in auth widget.


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