Daily Dairy ~ Six Weeks Training-June 2013

A little success after long time

As I read the post of our mentor, Inder. He wanted to add themes too in our project. First thing that come to my mind was “A new problem :(” Now I don’t know html, themes, templates and anything about it. But being in GD, I was aware of the fact of “learning by doing”. So I took this as challenge and started working on this. I started with WTemplate and as directed in mails by Inderpreet, I continued with WString, file handling and all. Also I read about html templates, wordpress template to get what the template is and how they are useful in our project. I got a good knowledge of templates and themes while working on this.
I tried with many different things but at last widget gallery of witty helped me to find the solution of my problem and at 11:03 pm, I did my last reply on his post ie html theme support implemented 🙂 THANK GOD!


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