Daily Dairy ~ Six Weeks Training-June 2013

Witty ~ the best!

After completing the task of yesterday on time, today I got more confident and wanted to complete this training project as soon as possible. Gaurav was implementing categories in the program and when I compiled our complete code, the errors of references and definitions were still there. I tried with different method, changes classes into simple functions etc but nothing worked :(. Then I realized that our code is not efficient, there is no logical error, we should not try hit and trial method but study the rules of coding from root.
Also when I was working to improve my code, Sir called me and Gaurav. We had little discussion on how witty is better technology to use for making web sites and web applications than anything other. Also he asked us to teach witty to 3 members of GD as they were volunteers to learn it. Today I got that we are working on one of the best web technologies that everyone wants to learn :). They have already made a website using wordpress. Now they want to have the real taste of coding and ofcourse witty will provide it to them and we will help in this. Sir wanted us to give a quick start to make them learn witty so that they need not to struggle and waste time that I did. Of course this thing is very interesting. We get new students, and we will be mentors this time 😛 and the best part is, they will ask questions and we will get chance to find their answer and that will help us to improve our skills too.


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