Daily Dairy ~ Six Weeks Training-June 2013

Stupid me.

Today, in the morning, Sir asked us should our training be hard, harder or easy, like that in other institutes with ready made projects πŸ˜› ? After watching Bhag Milkha Bhag movie, I don’t think anyone should agree with easy training or have any kind of problem with hard. Then Sir gave us task of making slides collaboratively on the same topic. We all did this work. It was a great experience and fun too. At one side one is adding some images and other side someone writing some relevant quote for it. Even you can change if you don’t like anything. After working on this, we were asked to continue working on this, but some how, permission got denied, and we wouldn’t be able to continue, also there was a lot of internet problem which make our work of 3 hours to 5 😦
Then, Inderpreet Singh, Gaurav and few other GD members were called in Sir’s office. After sometimes I was called and asked by Sir to tell how much witty applications licence cost by converting euros into rupees. I ran to the hall and converted the licence price which I found yesterday into rupees and came back to Sir and said it’s 4 lacs 66 thousand 80 rupees and 17 paise πŸ˜› Everyone just shocked :-O.
After coming back to hostel, I just lied down, eyes were closed and that figure of licence price came in front of my eyes and I just noticed that figure has 5 digits, how can it be in lacs? Then I got that I did a very very stupid mistake today made 46 thousands 4lacs. Then to correct my mistake, I posted the real price on GD and apologized for my mistake.


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