Daily Dairy ~ Six Weeks Training-June 2013

Bad Luck :(

Today, in the morning, I went to Inderpreet’s home, Samrala in bus. I reached at 10:30 in his home. Gurvinder also came but amitoj and raman didn’t. I started working with Inderpreet on our code and Gaurav taught AuthWidget to Gurvinder. We worked with full dedication and a lot of problems get solved πŸ™‚ Then we had lunch together and came back to Inder’s room for working further on project. But 😦 as there was power cut for day and then the battery also get finished and the Inder’s laptop where we were writting code also got shut down. There was nothing to do then. No power, no lappi charged, no code. We were waiting for the light to come, but alas! 😦 So I had to go back at 5pm as needed to reach hostel on time. Inder told as we went, light came. Really upset :(. If there was no power cut, we must have completed most of the project. Also when the light came, Inder wasn’t able to charge his lappi, as Gurvinder by mistake took his charger with him and forgot his own there :(. What to do now. Then at night, I wrote the code whatever we did there before lunch and sent that to Inder too so that we could continue working faster.


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