Lexertl – a lexer generator

Lexertl is a header only library used to generator lexical analyzer. It is written by Ben Hanson and its official documentation is here. We have decided to use lexertl as lexer generator tool for our scadlexer of OpenSCAD.

Although lexertl has a lot of good features, like, unicode support etc, as per the documentation, but we prefer to use it because it is already used by boost.spirit library and that is already included in the OpenSCAD. As it is time taking to add another library in the installation script at three different platforms, so we preferred to use the one that is already added somehow.

But there was a problem, Boost doesn’t use the latest version of lexertl, the one followed in the documentation and also had some examples. So, I emailed this problem to Ben Hanson and he suggested to use the latest version and not to worry about build script as lexertl is header only library. Ah! It was a relief. I added the lexertl header file folder in openscad source folder ‘/src’ and started adding lexing code. 🙂


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