Daily Dairy ~ Six Weeks Training-June 2013

Finding light in dark night

The day started with very bad mood, continually from last few days we were not able to complete any task satisfactorily. Worried about the project, would it be completed on time or not :(. But with no other option, we started finding solutions of all of our problems and specially Auth Widget, As I explained the problem with auth widget in my last post. So, today I thought to make authentication by my own without using in built auth widget, I worked on this for 2 hours and found that there is no function available to add CAPTCHA in my authentication form and only email verification can be used for authentication and that can be possible only with Auth Widget 😦 Bad Luck! Shaina, now you are not left with any other option but exploring auth widget once again and may be not once, again and again. Uff!
Anyways I discussed this problem with our mentor, Inder. Luckily he was there in the TCC to listen to our problems. He said, Ok he would work on that, but if it would be our any silly mistake, then he won’t tell us the solution. I agreed because as we worked on that, if it would be any silly mistake, it must have been removed till now.
After coming back to hostel, I continued with my pointers and references 🙂


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