Daily Dairy ~ Six Weeks Training-June 2013

Experience of programming

Working in witty is my first experience in actual programming. I used the word ‘actual’, because, only here, I had the real taste of programming. Before this, I did programming in C/C++ only for getting good marks in exams. Before coming here, I used to think like this, would I ever be able to be a good programmer? Have I chosen a right field for me? How should I learn? I was never satisfied with me, my study, my work, always hesitated call myself pursuing engineering because as per the definition of an engineer, which is, the one who skillfully plan, construct or manage things or an enterprise, I was doing nothing. But after coming here, I started feeling satisfied. At least I have something useful, something constructive to do. Although I am doing slowly, but I know I am doing, not sitting free, learning one and another thing each day, not only about the programming and computers, but about every aspect of life. But the only problem left is, I am very bad in expressing myself :(. I know my work and efforts won’t give me sweet and ripened unless I express it. I am trying, trying to be more interactive, started reading different articles to enhance my knowledge, also I ask question whenever I don’t understand something in someone’s presentation, although at the starting my heart started beating like the hooves of a horse on a racetrack :P, but day by day, it’s getting better. I wish I overcome this thing soon.
Today we had 4 presentation. Kamal gave one postgreSql, prabhdeep on Apache server. Deepak on latex and Inderpreet on UI/UX. At the end, we saw 3 idiots edited by harjot kaur. The editing was really very nice. I too downloaded the pitivi video editor, edited some videos, didn’t had 3 idiots, so got some what careless, as my own project is going through a dangerous mode 😛


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